Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cafe Hopping - PLY Baked Goods

While running errands in the Thomson area today, we had time for a quick coffee before we had to pick up the petulant child from school. So we stopped at PLY Baked Goods and got ourselves cappuccinos and a slice of Royal Chempedak Cake to share.

Royal Chempedak Cake

The cake was absolutely delicious. It was not overly sweet and the chempedak mousse was studded with bits of chempedak flesh which added texture to the cake. The coffee was decent and served with a piece of Valrhona dark chocolate on the side, which was nice.

The shop was just a stone's throw from where Ah Ma's House used to be. I could imagine our family ordering cake for all occasions from here if we had still lived there.

PLY Baked Goods
Address: 95 Soo Chow Walk Singapore 575382
Phone: 6451 1866

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