Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dining Out - Manzoku

Before our play at Raffles Hotel, SC and I met at Manzoku for dinner. This is the sister outlet to Chikuwa Tei on Mohamed Sultan Road.

The tables in this place are spaced very close together, such that I knocked over a bottle of soy sauce while wriggling between the tables to get to my seat (or it could just be that I am a hippo). This means you don't have to try very hard to eavesdrop on your neighbouring tables or to observe delicate moles on their faces.

The menus are exactly the same as those used in Chikuwa Tei. For the specials, they just hand-wrote the word 'Manzoku' and pasted it over 'Chikuwa Tei'. It was pretty funny.

I got the Chirashi Don, which features thick slices of sashimi laid atop vinegary Japanese rice.

Chirashi Don

The portions were generous so it satisfied my craving my sashimi sufficiently. At $25, I consider this value-for-money compared to Chirashi Dons in other restaurants.

Address: 18 Purvis Street Singapore 188597
Phone: 6734 4436

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