Friday, May 15, 2015

Dining Out - Saturday House

We picked up the younger one from school and went for lunch at Saturday House. The cheeky imp remarked that we should have visited tomorrow instead so we would be at the place on a Saturday. -_-

Saturday House

Us adults got the Chicken Chop with BBQ Sauce and the Sambal Fish to share, while the little imp got the kiddie Bolognese Pasta set, which came with a cup of apple juice and a scoop of ice cream.

Sambal Fish

The sambal fish was tasty, primarily because of the spicy and flavourful sambal chilli that was slathered generously on top of the fillet. The accompanying butter rice complemented the fish, but it was a tad dry and would have been tastier if it had been more moist and warm.

Chicken Chop With BBQ Sauce

You can choose 2 sides to go with the chicken chop from a list that includes salad, mashed potato, coleslaw, french fries and potato wedges. We picked wedges and fries for the benefit of the little one. The chicken chop was juicy and tender, served hot off the grill. As for the accompanying fries and wedges, they were crispy and warm, which is all one can ask for when it comes to these sort of sides.

I thought this statement decorating the wall of the restaurant aptly describes how I feel most of the time.

Saturday House
Address: 339 Upper Paya Lebar Road Singapore 534953
Phone: 6280 0338

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