Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cafe Hopping - Old Hen Coffee Bar

Many people on my Facebook feed have been raving about Old Hen Coffee Bar's Cold Brew Coffee so I decided to pop by to give it a try.

The place did not have a hot kitchen, so food options were mainly sandwiches prepped at the counter. Apart from ordering a Cold Brew (Creamy White) Coffee, I got the Crab Coleslaw Toast to munch on.

Crab Coleslaw Toast

The simply prepped sandwich tasted good, mostly due to the homemade sweet chili sauce that was used. I thought it was a nice touch to throw sliced strawberries into the accompanying salad.

Cold Brew (Creamy White) Coffee

But the star of the cafe has to be the Cold Brew. It was perfectly chilled in a labelled hipster-chic bottle and the mildly sweetened coffee was smooth and easy to drink. I enjoyed it tremendously. It's probably a good thing the cafe isn't near my house or I might find myself dropping $6.50 on a bottle more often than my wallet would like.

Old Hen Coffee Bar
Address: 88 Rangoon Road Singapore 218374
Phone: 6341 5458

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