Sunday, March 29, 2015

Snack Review - Glico Pocky (Azuki)

My mum bought a whole bunch of Japanese snacks from her trip to Hokkaido so my diet (HAHA) is sort of ruined. My favourite snack out of the entire lot is the Azuki (Red Bean) flavoured Pocky.

Pocky (Azuki)

Each box had 4 individual packs (which is not enough if you ask me). Each stick of Hokkaido Azuki flavoured pretzel stick is coated with sweet milk chocolate and crunchy cookie bits. I could not wolf them down fast enough.

Why Hello, Yummy Pocky Sticks!

I asked Mum why she only bought a box and she said she would have bought more but this was the only pack left on the shelf of a 7-11 located atop a snowy mountain. Looks like these rare yummy things were destined to get in ma belly! 

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