Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Snack Review - Hershey's Spread Snacksters (Chocolate)

Met J at Raffles Place after my physio session so we could travel to Zumba class together. The devil brought me to a snack shop there where she is a regular and of course I could not resist dropping some cash to buy me some snacks.

Hershey's Spread Snacksters (Chocolate)

The Hershey's Spread Snacksters were retailing at $3.50 per pack. But if you are willing to buy more, there is a 5 for $10 deal. Even though I know this is a marketing strategy that makes me part with more money and eventually imbibe more calories than I originally intended to, I went for the deal anyway. 

Gave a pack each to S & J. I am so grateful for friends that I can share calories and guilt with. :)))

I like that the dippers were graham biscuits so this makes it unique and different from similar snacks like Yan Yan or Nutella & Go that I have tried before. The spread was also less sweet and had a thicker consistency than the other 2. 

Overall, a nice snack to have when I am craving something chocolatey. My only gripe is that it is 270 calories a pack and they emblazon that in sizeable font on the front so there is no way to avoid those taunting numbers. Ugh.

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