Thursday, March 12, 2015

Show Time - Great World Cabaret

Watched Great World Cabaret at Resorts World Sentosa with the Mum and the Younger Sister. We got a 1-for-1 deal on a pair of tickets and a 20% discount on the third ticket which was great since I thought the original prices were a little steep for the approximately 1-hour show.

Great World Cabaret

The show's premise is that an ex-club host (Shane Mardjuki) recalls the heydays of the Great World Cabaret and as he told his story, different performance acts are introduced and staged. Song-and-dance performances were alternated with other acts like magicians, acrobats and a stand-up comedian. Or comedienne in my case, since Judee Tan was the featured act this week.

The large theatre was pretty empty and the audience's lukewarm reaction following each act must have left the performers rather disheartened. I felt bad for them, but I suppose the turnout must have been expected since it was near the end of the show's 1-month run at the spacious venue.

Curtain Call

The show was typical and similar to other RWS productions I had watched previously. It seems to me that their productions always involve a Chinese acrobatic troop, European comedic acrobats, magicians, and song-and-dance performances forcibly strung together with a story line. I would not say the result is terrible, but just that for me, it is cliche and expected. 

I am glad we got discounts for our tickets or I would have been disgruntled. My mum absolutely enjoyed it though. She particularly liked Judee Tan's performance as Teo Chew Moi and was chuckling throughout the routine.

Great World Cabaret
Event Date: Thu, 19 Feb - Tue, 17 Mar 2015; Mon, Tue. Thu & Fri: 8pm; Sat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm
Venue: Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

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